Software for the practice of public engagement

Based on more than 25 years of corporate experience in public involvement, community engagement, and communications, EnviroLytical was developed to support stakeholder relationship management best practices.

EnviroLytical outreach software is an easy-to-use public involvement management tool that allows you to tag, filter, search and report the results of your efforts so you can better communicate with the public about your projects.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool built specifically for public engagement.

Whether you are designing a new bridge or highway, planning and/or siting a new facility, managing detours and closures for a construction project, or working your way though a comprehensive or shoreline master plan, you are almost certainly engaging the public.

EnviroLytical helps you track all that engagement in one, simple, online platform. 

Keep track

EnviroLytical helps you organize contacts, conversations, outreach activities and more. Whether you have 200 or 20,000 project contacts, EnviroLytical helps you manage your data to ensure accurate and consistent record-keeping.

EnviroLytical will save you time and effort by streamlining data entry, validating information, and removing duplicates.

Know what it means

EnviroLytical provides ways to tag, filter and report what people are saying. Share customized reports that synthesize comments by date, particular topic, or show geographical data on a map.

Do it in real time

The secure, web-based application makes information accessible from anywhere with Internet access. EnviroLytical lets you search and report your information so you have accurate information in real-time.

Data graphic

Collect better data

Quickly embed automated forms into any webpage. Contact information is automatically added to the dashboard and email list.

Results graphic

Find results quickly

With one click, see a person’s or organization’s history with the project including correspondence and outreach activities.

Report and analyze graphic

Report and analyze

Report by topic, geography, person or organization. Quickly export raw data to use and translate into more visually compelling formats.




Contacts, Communications and Activities



Basic PLUS advanced analysis tools for comment analysis


Starting at $750 PER MONTH

Basic PLUS Advanced for multiple projects

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Are there any upfront set up costs?

Depending on the needs of your project there may be customization and/or set up costs. 

What do I get?

  • Hosted software service, fully managed by EnviroIssues.
  • Free upgrades, new features, and fixes. Automatically deployed.
  • Guaranteed uptime.
  • Always available, from everywhere.
  • Automatic backups to multiple remote locations.
  • All content served securely (SSL).
  • Unlimited user accounts with configurable permission levels.

Are there any Long-Term Contracts Required?

No. Suspend or cancel your service at any time.

About Us

EnviroLytical is owned and operated by MySite Group, a specialized global, software company with a focus on community and stakeholder engagement software through our core products of Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint.

EnviroLytical has been used in support of comprehensive, transportation, sustainability, and other planning efforts, facility siting, and federal and state environmental review. The growing list of clients using EnviroLytical includes federal and state agencies, counties and cities, and a whole suite of divisions and departments.

Who uses EnviroLytical?

City of Seattle
Bonneville Power Administration
King County
Oregon Department of Transportation
Sound Transit